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Are the forms contained in PhIS system should be printed and filed?

BPF does not place any policy for forms printing requirements contained in PhIS system. Requirements are based on facilities policy.

I had moved out to another facility, do I need to apply for new IWP username or may continue to use existing IWP username?

For Members who have moved out to another facility, the member must submit a new application form to the project team for updating process of their database.

Why have not reagent and domestic available item in PhIS?

1) Lab Reagent (e.g. QC Eightcheck-3WP (Low), Cholesterol Calibration, Salt Bridge Solution, etc.) are not cover under PhIS & CPS Data Maintenance. Lab reagent is under expertise of lab personnel and out of scope of pharmacy expertise to create code. 2) Facility must categorise/identify that Domestic Item (e.g. Baby Liquid Soap Bath, Battery AA, Slipper Japanese Type), Stationary (e.g. Kad Petak Berwarna Merah Jambu (KEW.PS-4), TPN/TDM Form, Cellophane Tape), Asset/Inventory (e.g. Pad Lock, Labelling Gun for Three Line Open W444, Multi-Purpose Stackable Storage Bins), Gas Item (e.g. Gas, Oxygen 0. 7cu.m (Pin Index) are NOT cover under PhIS & CPS Data Maintenance.

Does the 'Preventive Maintenance' activities (PM) for PhIS & CPS hardware must be recorded and filed in the 'KEW.PA' form?

The case is subjected to the Code of Government Mobile Asset Management Maintenance - 1PP (Tatacara Pengurusan Aset Alih Kerajaan: Penyelenggaraan - 1PP). Officer in charge of asset facility must record all this equipment that requires PM in Kew.PA PM-13 form and all the equipment that was used for PM activities in Kew.PA PM-14 form.

Should the PhIS & CPS hardware supplied by PLSB should be registered with KKM?

PhIS & CPS hardware shall be registered as government property and is still subject to Government Mobile Asset Management Procedure - 1PP (Tatacara Pengurusan Aset Alih Kerajaan: Penyelenggaraan - 1PP).